Join Bill as he travels the streets of New York, and the streets of the World, in search of Crime!

Having troubles with your neighbour, friend, international madman bent on world domination, or spouse?  Then you need Bill Waffeelee, New York's (self-proclaimed) Finest Private Detective!  Once Bill is on the case, you can rest assured that a solution is near!  While it may not be the solution to your current dilemma, it's a solution no less.

Some of Bill's friends:
Judy Pork (Bill's receptionist)
Jimmy from the Docks (what is his last name, anyway?)
The Woman Formerly Known as "Bill's Girlfriend"
Chief O'Flahrety (chief of police)
Bradley Maxwell II (museum curator)

Some of Bill's adversaries:
Imham Manduhn Mohammed Ambahn Hamanseen (crazy Egyptian magician)
Jimmy Barbuka (one time Pro Wrestler, now New York Crime Syndicate boss)
Lucio Guido (Jimmy Barbuka's enemy... the friend of your enemy is not always your friend)
Sammy The Fish (Guido's Henchman, also works for Barbuka if the script gets confused)
Shid Man (Barbuka's Henchman)
Ticket Lady (museum of fine arts)
Uncredited Little Girl (pushed Bill in front of the subway.  Twice)

Bill requires either payment up front, payment when the job is completed,
and in some episodes I've noticed he forgot to ask for any kind of payment at all.


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