"Back in the old days, you could buy a whole wheelbarrow
full of ice cream for a nickel  ....and keep the wheelbarrow!"

Tie the pigs up in the yard, strap down the cows, and kick back for a visit with old Woodrow Cox. You'll hear stories of his childhood when times were simple, tales of teenage years, and yarns of adult adventure, all served up with a great big side order of senility.

Who knows how much of these tales are accurate.. certainly not Woodrow.
(We've asked him, but sometimes he doesn't even remember telling these stories.)

As a special treat, we also have three rare recordings from Woodrow's cousin Kafro.
These are Kafro's actual recorded confessions direct from his prison cell.

Warning: Kafro's confessions are un-edited,
containing graphic language and strong sexual content



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